Alvin And The Chipmunks and a Wide Variety of Movies Online

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Are you also a fan of movies online? If you are looking for the perfect weekend list that you can watch whether alone or with your loved ones, you should start jotting down your interest early as now.


Online movie streaming sites definitely offer a wide range of movies for people of all ages and gender. If you are the type of movie fan who wants more than one genre, here is a list that is just right for you.


A Movie List For All Types Of Movie Fans


Your kids would surely love this movie. The chipmunks are known for their humorous and witty behavior that made one of the kids’ favorite characters.

Politics and prejudice- these are just a few of the scopes of this movie. If you want something serious, this adult movie is the right one for you. A super Jail Break will not let you blink your eyes.

  • What we do in the shadows

If you love vampire movies, then this one is for you.


  • Chappie

He is not your ordinary robot because he has a heart and mind that feels like a human.


  • Bee Movie

This is another movie hit for kids.


  • Keeping up With the Kardashians

They are known for their lavish and controversial life. Who would not want to take an inside peek of their lives right?


Many movies like these are available in very High quality and no matter what, a user will always be able to watch them in a nice print.